"Smarter Sites think beyond the desktop understanding your users’ needs. The website looks great no matter how large (or small) their display."

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Responsive Design = Smarter Sites

Ensure your BRAND stands out!


Your website represents your brand and how does your site look now on an iPad or cell phone? Do you have the squint to see it? And by the end of 2013, users will surf the web on desk-top computers less than 50% of the time. We are already seeing how most of our children are going to have their first internet experience using a mobile device. MarriCorp can ensure that your is site ready. It is our mission to develop sites that can provide excellent user experience on all devices.

For all devices

For All Devices

320 pixels to over 2500 pixels. You need to have a site that will look good on every device. We use the responsive design concept to acheive a Smarter Site.

Skrink this site down in your browser. This site will provide an excellent user experiece no matter the size. Your site can do that too!

Accessibility for all

For All People

The fact is that one in three people have a disability that affects their capacity to browse the web. We ensure that your site is accessible to everyone.

Moving Forward

Moving Forward

We create sites that will last. They are modular so when your business grows the site can grow with you without starting from scratch. Smarter Sites employ responsive design to ensure the correct user experience and this process means over time your website will only get better.

Morgan Stanley Research and Responsive Design

Project definition
Project definition