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Project definition
Project Timing

How we manage projects

Every project tends to take on a life of its own, following a unique and sometimes surprising path before it is revealed to the public. Most projects, however, include the following components:

Project definition

This is the most important stage and should not be rushed. To ensure the proper result, MarriCorp spends time understanding your business asking the fundamental questions to determine the objective of the site, what visitors you are after, then develop marketing strategies from that information. This ensures the final product will fulfill its intended purpose.

Project Visualization

In visualization, we sketch an information flow of the website and consider what kind of content will be featured. Then we create the visual design that will provide the look and how the content will be conveyed to the user. We work together, until you're satisfied, to develop a design that conveys your message to the user.

Project definition

Now we take the vision that we created in the pervious process and develop the "Smarter Site". As we create the templates and configure the control panel, we will resolve any additional design considerations. Once we have finished the "Smarter Site", it will be ready for any device. The site will know what device it is on and it will adjust accordingly to ensure the proper user experience.

Project definition

Before we launch the "Smarter Site", MarriCorp runs it through an extremely thorough test protocol to ensure that there will be no issues and 100% guarantee’s that you will be satisfied with the end result. Once the site is out on the internet, Google Analytics will keep you informed of your visitors and the sites performance.