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At MarriCode do things a bit differently. This translates to better websites at more affordable prices for you. We are a LOCAL web developer and use LOCAL designers to create wonderful websites. By doing this, we can scale up or scale down for any project that comes our way. This method allows us to provide low cost websites to your business, regardless of size.

No matter what type of business, group, or association you have, you need a website to get a foothold in the digital world. At MarriCODE, we go a step beyond the cookie-cutter agencies by providing advice and consultation on branding and digital marketing, including your website, search engine optimization, and social media. We work with a variety of web technologies, including CSS3, HTML5, Git, JQuery, Javascript, Ruby, Python, C#, Angular, React, Vue, Handlebars, and Backbone. We can create both web apps and mobile apps for your business, school, or group. We can also help turn a startup idea into a money-making Android or iOS app.

We stay up on the latest Google algorithm changes and make sure that all of our work is done without resorting to Black Hat SEO practices. We can add-on SEO to any existing site or have it baked into your brand new website. We use intensive tools to scan and analyze your site for any SEO issues and can provide you with monthly Analytics reports.

You can choose any hosting provider for your site, or choose from one of our hosting tiers - from dedicated servers to basic hosting. We can even help you pick out a domain for your business and help negotiate with third-parties to help secure your business domain. If you need to stay up-to-date on encryption and security, we can add SSL certificates to an existing site. If it is web or internet related, we can do it.

We are a full-service, in-house digital agency that concentrates on service, research, execution and results. As an agency, we partner with companies in order to assess brand needs within budgets and timelines. We have worked with hundreds of clients, experienced across dozens of industries and have capabilities ranging from design to development to marketing.

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At MarriCode we truly care about all of our clients and believe there is a crucial synergy that needs to be present in order for a project to be successful.

Even if a potential client does not go with us, we want to ensure they have the best and most informative experience.

We aim to share our knowledge with others, fortunately just like these clients have done with their kind words about us.

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The Design and Development Process


Strategy & Conceptualization

Understanding what we will build to leverage your brand experience with our UX / UI design. This phase establishes the criteria to determine the content, features, functions, and style.


Digital Design

This phase provides high-fidelity mockups done completely custom in Adobe products. We provide PDF versions of these designs to the client in order to view, provide feedback, and approve.


Development / QA

The conversion of approved design into frontend code and implementation of backend features. The initial build is routed through the Quality Assurance process and sent to the client for final review and revision as required.